Trading Card Game

version 2.5

Welcome to TCG website, you can play this game via two ways:

  1. click here to download the latest version of game client (.exe) for Windows
  2. click here to download and install Adobe Flash Player 11.1 on your Android device (NOTE: new tablet devices with latest Android OS may no longer have built-in Flash player, in such case, you may need to download and install Adobe Flash Player by yourself. Due to Google Play Market also no long has Adobe Flash Player, you need to download this apk here. Before you start installing the apk, please remember that you need to go to [Settings] and to have [Unknown sources] checked to allow the installation of non-Market apps).

We have two guest accounts for you to play the game: guest1 and guest2, their password is guest. If you want to start your own character and collect high level cards for your own character, you may register your own account online.

If you have any question about the game, please contact Dr. Rita Kuo ( or Dr. Maiga Chang ( We are pleased to help.


You may watch the following video clips to learn the uers interface of the game as well as how to play the game

  1. 30-second video clip

  2. User Interface introduction

  3. Create and manage your decks

  4. Create a combat room and ready for battle!

  5. Start a match

  6. Continue the match

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